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Information Systems



The growing developments that technology and communications have taken so far have been an essential part of the growing system of technological applications . Along with the technological advancements the social living of humans also is further enhanced . Both economic and social lifestyles were advancing but there was no rest in incurring the best possible progress that the developers of technological systems wanted . With the introduction of computers to the society , the easier way of living and completing everyday tasks has become a trend for many industrial workers

(Deitel , et al , 2004 , 15

However , as mentioned earlier , the development in the eyes of the ones who are in charge of the enhancement of the operating systems is never ending . Hence , although there were already some great achievements in terms of the developed operating systems , things got better each time there are new innovations introduced (Warford , 2005 , 41 . Most of the sectors of the entire society actually depended on technology ever since the time it was first introduced to the human civilization . It could not be denied then that among the said sectors are business entities

The development of different operating systems that actually perform the tasks needed in business , from the most basic calculating procedures toward the complicated procedures of accounting and systematic planning of business transactions , the computer technology or most likely known as Information technology have actually been the main source of successful trade and exchange transactions in the business industry However , to have a deeper understanding of the matter , it is necessary to have an overview of what an OS or Operating System is

The Operating System-What is It

With the introduction of the computer technology to the human society during the 19th Century , the works or the tasks of people have been further created with ease . With the implementation of computer systems within the existing systems of completion for human tasks , the jobs of people , which can be merged with technological arrangements , were enhanced to becoming easily completed

Today , 95 of the whole population of man all around the world utilizes the computer systems for their everyday application . Even ordinary appliances are now compiled with complex operating systems based upon computer arrangements to be able to meet the best possible performance that they could render the human society (Tanenbaum , 2006 , 15 .Now even more complex role is played by the application of operating systems in the daily dealings of people has been introduced . With the development of the communication systems such as the internet , learning from home , using top of the art facilities and technologies became possible for many students who cannot attend universities because of some unavoidable circumstances . Through the existence of the emerging technological innovation on communication and information transfer everything became possible and available through the Internet (Ensor 2006 , 12 . As of the present situation , there are still other innovations that have been affected by the developing Operating Systems The world trade systems has become more easy for the traders since...

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