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InfluenzaA H1N1 ( HUMAN SWINE FLU)


The Human Swine Flu Virus






The Human Swine Flu Virus

The World Health Organization (WHO , 2009b ) cumulative report last June 8 , 2009 has indicated that there are already 25 ,288 cases of infection all over the world , and there are 139 deaths associated with the virus The most number of people affected with the virus is recorded to be in the United States of America . The number of cases in such country is registered at 13

,217 , the second of the most number of cases is Mexico which has a toll of 5 ,717 , and the third is Canada with 2 ,115 cases . The most number of deaths , however , is associated with Mexico which holds a death toll at 106 . The second highest is the United States of America which has 27 recorded deaths , and the third is Canada which has three recorded deaths (WHO , 2009b

Swine flu or the novel influenza A (H1N1 ) is a type of flu virus which originated from swines or pigs . Normally , swine flu does not normally affect humans . Only in rare instances is the virus passed on to humans who has close contact with the pigs . The swine flu virus has evolved in such a way that it affects human beings even if they have not engaged in clsoe contact with pigs (DeNoon , 2009 . Between March and April 2009 it was detected in Mexico and the United States that the flu , which commonly...

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