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Influence of the french revolution on 19th century literature

Influence of French revolution on 19th century literature : -

The French Revolution (1789-1799 ) was an essential era in the history of French , European and Western civilization . The French revolution was a revolt against the natural in Europe . It was not just a revolt against the Kings of the time , it brought an entire new way of viewing the world and human society . The theme of "Liberty , Equality , and Fraternity " hit the streets and spread all over Europe . Even though the Revolution didn 't successfully carry out its theme , it has partially made

our world what it is today (Francois ) The French Revolution is the largest , most far-reaching and broadest debate in literary and cultural history , a war of ideas that encompasses philosophy , theories of history , the study of language , the history of art , gender stereotypes religion as well as a much broader spectrum of literature than might be thought in terms of subject , genre , style and chronology (Lisa

Before the French Revolution the citizens of France lived in a confined society with no freedom of speech nor freedom to express their feelings . The government imposed very tough and unfair laws on the common man . The literature of any country is affected by how the citizens live . As common people before revolution were not in a position to think of literature or art as they are struggling for their identity and freedom . At that time the people in France were divided into the privileged and the un-privileged class . The of eighteenth century were focused on the lives of upper class and lower class didn 't have any impact on . The literature was , like the people , highly restrained . The French revolution gave the common people more freedom to of the time , the citizens of the day and sent a strong wave of creativity . This in turn , leads to new laws for the citizens which included a newer , less imposing literary standard . The upheavals of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era were accompanied by new intellectual trends . Romanticism , greatly influenced by the philosophy of Rousseau , was a major literary and cultural movement that was inspired by the inner feelings , imaginations and emotions of the great Romantics . Romanticism commences in approximately 1774 but does not really take off until the last decade of the 18th century . French revolution divides the pre-romanticism era from the fully blossoming new culture . Romanticism marked a profound change in both literature and thought . Romanticism is defined as a literary movement (as in early 19th century ) marked especially by an emphasis on the imagination and emotions and by the use of autobiographical material . Thompson defines romanticism as a major literary and cultural movement that was inspired by the imaginations , inner feelings , and emotions of the romantics

The period saw the transformation from romanticism to the realism , the romantics and realists alike wrote of the painful discovery of self awareness and the torments of the inner life and , in differing degrees concerned themselves with contemporary social...

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