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The Influence of Thomas Edison on History.

The Influence of Thomas Edison on History

Thomas Alva Edison was a man who changed the entire landscape of the world through his amazing inventions . He discovered electric light bulb the system of street lights , the phonograph and even the motion picture projector . Without the inventions of Edison , electricity and telephone would have remained as primitive discoveries with a lot of potential Edison 's gifts to everyday life are so many . Many in fact say that Thomas Alva Edison invented the twentieth century . His inventions transformed the American economy from an agriculture

based economy to a technology based one . Each discovery encouraged the growth of other industries and lead to more discoveries . He had 1093 patents over many innovations and minor improvements in a wide range of fields , including telecommunications , electric power , sound recording , motion pictures primary and storage batteries , and mining and cement technology (The Edison s para 1 . Moreover , he also contributed a lot in the realm of research and development and more specifically the industrial research laboratory . Edison 's role as an innovator is best seen in the big businesses his inventions have helped grow . More than 300 companies formed worldwide manufacture and market his inventions . Some such companies even carry the name Edison , including some 200 Edison illuminating companies (The Edison s para 1

Edison 's first patented invention was the electrical vote rec . It was initially considered a failure and it found its use only after 90 years when it was installed for the Congress . Once , Edison fixed a broken stock ticker so well that that the owners hired him to build a better one . That was the machine that gave information about stock market prices . Within a year he made the Edison Universal Stock Printer Later on , in late 1999 , the Stock Ticker Company in cooperation with Henry Ford Museum Greenfield Village introduced a working reproduction of the Universal Stock Ticker , produced by the world-renowned Berner Machine Labs and the Berner family . In 1868 Edison became an independent inventor in Boston . Moving to New York the next year , he undertook inventive work for major telegraph companies . His work included stock tickers , fire alarms , methods of sending simultaneous messages on one wire , and an electrochemical telegraph to send messages by automatic machinery (The Edison s

. 2 . The major achievement of this period was the quadruplex telegraph , which sent two messages simultaneously in each direction on one wire (The Edison s

. 3 . Western Union adopted the invention and had 13 ,000 miles of quadruplex lines by 1878

The Western Union entrusted Edison with the task of developing a telephone that could compete with Alexander Graham Bell 's (Lemelson Center para 6 . Consequently , Edison invented a transmitter in which a button of compressed carbon changed its resistance as it was vibrated by the sound of the user 's voice (The Edison s para3 . This principle was widely applied in telephones for the next century . This was an innovation that led to the phone 's mass...

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