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`The Inferno` by Dante, a short summary of cantos 1-5, 10, 25, 34

Li 'l Bit Vogel manages to harp on the nature of human fallibility and plays it in close regard to Uncle Peck . When Li 'l Bit learns of the nature of her uncle 's advances , and despite uneasiness , chooses not to distance herself from him because of a seeming shared bond which stems from them being apparent outsiders in the family , she is choosing to act on her own terms , and is not a mere victim paralyzed by fear because of another person 's wrongdoing . When Li 'l Bit goes to college , and

Uncle Peck decides to pursue her by writing letters and sending her gifts eventually going as far as asking her not only to engage in intercourse but also marry Peck , Li 'l Bit refuses his uncle and ultimately severs their complex kindred relations . In the end , perhaps it isn 't so much as the literalness of learning to drive or driving a car which Vogel or the heroine in the story , Li 'l Bit contemplates being grateful for but also the experiences she 's gone through , however unpleasant , and fraught with complexities , which has taught or perhaps earned her the proverbial license or capacity to run past other obstacles and undertakings life has to offer . Lessons ' which commanded strength and maturity , and in turn , gave her a sense of freedom

It was difficult to reconcile the 'good ' and 'evil ' asppects of the characters , particularly that of uncle Peck , despite of what he 's done because at the same time he was also to some degree a kindred spirit whom Li 'l Bit felt both uneasy and comfortable , and almost drew strength from . But perhaps there is no distinctly singular 'good ' and 'evil ' in an individual , only differing aspects which comprises every person strength , fallibility , the capacity to...

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