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The Industrial Revolution


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Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution is one of the key occurrences in world history . What began as a change in Great Britain eventually spread throughout Europe and the United States . The major changes that occurred began with the industries - hence the name industrialization Sectors which were affected include agriculture , textile industries , and transportation . As industrialization had drastically changed the way society operates , the lives of the people had never been the same . This research aims to discuss the Industrial Revolution and the

br significant changes resulting from it

The Industrial Revolution first started in Great Britain (Deane 2 Foster and Hobsbawm 13 . However , the exact time of when it actually occurred is not established . Perry estimates that it may have occurred around 1750 (522 . There are several factors involved in the occurrence of the Industrial Revolution , one of which includes surplus labor (Perry 522 . Because of the changes in agriculture , Britain had more than enough workers and excess labor . Another factor is the abundance of natural resources . Britain was rich in resources such as iron ore and coal . In addition , it also had enough cotton from its colonies to sustain the textile industry (Perry 522

Other factors include the presence of investment capital (Perry 522 In Britain , this was provided by merchants as well as rich landowners It also helped that Britain had entrepreneurs who knew how to handle and oversee businesses . Transportation also played a key part in the revolution . Britain was equipped with a canal system and great harbors which made transportation of goods easier and more efficient . The last factor that made industrialization occur was the presence of markets Britain in itself was already a potential market of goods and commodities , but the colonies provided more opportunities . All these factors contributed to the occurrence of the Industrial Revolution (Perry 522

The onset of the Industrial Revolution was characterized with agricultural advancements (Perry 522 . The period ushered in new approaches to farming , which resulted in better farm production . In the beginning of the 18th century , Jethro Tull created a mechanical drill ' which bore holes on the ground to be placed with seeds (Perry 522 . He was also responsible for the horse-drawn hoe ' which was used to break the soil to allow for better plant growth (Perry 522 Meanwhile , a man named Robert Bakewell established a scientific breeding program ' wherein products from livestock were enhanced as a result , the quality of milk from cows and wool from sheep improved (Perry 522 . Charles Townsend also contributed greatly to agriculture during the Industrial Revolution . He was responsible for the farming method called crop rotation ' wherein the kind of crop planted in a farming area is changed every year (Perry 522 . Townsend also discovered that clover can be used as a soil fertilizer . Lastly , it was also Townsend who showed farmers that turnips can serve as livestock feed which can be stored during the winter season (Perry 522

The textile industry also underwent some drastic changes...

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