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Individual Student Literacy Case Study

Individual Student Literacy Case Study

Kelly Peter [Fifth Grader : Greenhorn Elementary School]


Literacy involves several sub-skills such as phonological awareness decoding , fluency , comprehension , and vocabulary . For a student to become a proficient reader s /he must master these sub-skills . However many elementary school students often experience problems when learning to read . Sometimes learning to read is difficult because reading requires the proper mastery of a code that maps human speech sounds to written symbols . As it may seem , however , mastering this code is not a natural process , like development

of language , and thus requires intensive instruction . Reading can be difficult if students do not get quality instruction in these codes

An individual literacy assessment case study on a fifth grader , Kelly Peter who is having literacy problems will be carried out in to identify his areas of weakness in learning literacy . This will lead to an intervention program to help him improve his literacy levels . The intervention will involve a combination of three strategies which will be targeting to help Kelly read from the `the same page ' with other students . To assess Kelly 's literacy I will spend a minimum of 20 hours of his school time with him , during this time I will diagnose his weaknesses and duly embark on carrying out a one-on-one coaching to help him improve on learning literacy , I will also keep a log of the proceedings in to apply them in making a verdict on the efficacy of the intervention and...

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