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Improving Prison Conditions for Women







One of the major challenges facing the world today is the improvement of prison conditions . Everything is being done to make sure that the rights of prisoners are not violated since they are human beings just like everybody else . The issue of improving women conditions in prison is fundamental as it deals with human rights of women in correctional institutions . There are international standards which are set by the United Nations to define the treatment of prisoners including prison conditions . They

describe the standard of institutional treatment in details and have served as the basic guidelines that must be satisfied by each country . These standards are commonly referred to as Standard Minimum Rules (SMRs ) for the treatment of prisoners (Tamani et al , pp 396

Women represent the fastest growing segment of prison and jail populations . Since this number is increasing daily there is need to check and improve prison conditions for women prisoners . A good percentage (85 percent ) of women prisoners serve jail terms for non violent crimes . Women are confined in a system built and designed by men for men . Therefore women prisons are usually ill equipped and poorly financed . Medical treatment is often unavailable and when available it is inconsistent . Women confined in prisons suffer filthy conditions overcrowding and harsh treatment . These conditions must be improved to enable women inmates lead a comfortable life which is not very different from life outside prison (Tamani , pp 418

Improving Women Conditions for Women


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