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The Importance of preserving the past

The Importance of Preserving the Past

The past , in a broader sense , is synonymous to history , earlier period and ancient times . It provides significant data on pre-historic culture and human biology and behavior . Therefore , the past gives relevant information given due credit to some form of preservation applied deliberately or done by through the hands of time . Several preserved discoveries include the 2 ,000 year-old ruins of the ancient Roman Empire , the famed Roman Theater in Alexandria , the fossils and eventual evolution of humans , the great pyramid of Giza , the sphinx , mummies

, the so-called City in the clouds , etc . The impact of such gives enormous information on the ancient times : culture evolution and history , human ecology and behavior both from the pre-historic up to the historic societies , early inhabitants and their evolutions and extinctions Although there are related fields of Sciences associated with these various discoveries , all of which are encompassed by the Science of Archeology

Archeology , in a broader sense , is the methodical learning of earlier period human traditions and behavior , from the beginning of humans up to the present . It also studies precedent human activities or behaviors through the assessment of material remnants of prior human societies (Hodder , 1992 . These remains comprise the fossils or the preserved skeleton of humans , the wreck of buildings , food vestiges , and artifacts of human such as jewelry , pottery , and tools . Professionals conducting these studies are called archaeologists who endeavor to rebuild past ways of existence

Archaeology is a significant field or area of anthropology , which is the extensive learning of human cultures and ecology . Archaeologists contemplate their studies on earlier period of societies and the corresponding changes of such over enormously extended periods of time They are also concerned with the study of the different methods used in archeology : the tasks of surveying areas in to recover cultural relics , its classifications , investigation and preservation , all of which are essential phases of the archeological procedure

With its focus on the primeval history , archaeology to some extent resembles paleontology , which is the study of the different fossils of extinct animals , such as the dinosaurs . However , archaeology concerns only past human existence . Archaeology also examines comparable s studied by historians but most of the information archeologists gathers comes from the study of things under or lying on the ground . The different inter-disciplinary field of Archeology includes history ethnology , geology , geography , anthropology , art history , classics information sciences , paleozoology , paleontology , paleoecology , and paleobotany

Archaeologists refer to the enormous stockpile of information on the human precedent as the archaeological proof or record . The archeological evidences or records cover all area of the human race that has ever been occupied , as well as every material remnants enclosed in those areas (Renfrew and Bahn , 1991 . Archaeologists also study the archaeological evidence through excavations , field surveys and laboratory processes of collected or discovered materials

Some of the things left behind by precedent human societies are not at hand in the archaeological verification because they eventually had disintegrated over a long...

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