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Importance of Report Writing

Phase 4 (DB

The Importance of Report Writing Course

Report Writing

The aspect of reporting is mainly the procedure of the approach of relating to other or the main population a significant event circumstance or scenario for the purpose of awareness , information sharing , and acknowledgement of the involved society for the purpose of opinion and perception . This is generally the approach of manifesting as the primary senses of the population being symbolize by the observer transcending barriers of actual presence . Though the target population of the report is not physical

aware and present during the actual event through the reporting procedure that will come to know the facts and intricate details of the event and scenario thus , resulting to unbiased and fair opinion , interpretation , and conclusion regarding the nature and characteristics of the event that is being reported

The aspect of reporting does not only rely on the narration capability of the observer . There are actually much more elements needed in the reporting procedure other than the mere narration and of the event . The physical indeed becomes an important and critical element to the approach namely the factual details , the chronological , and the people involved in the event . From these details , the target of the report will come to understand the nature of the scenario thus , gaining an overview understanding and awareness of the issue However , for clearer reporting , intricate and critical observation must also be implemented in the creation of the report namely covering all of the necessary details of the events such as its possible causes , the contributory factors , its effect , and the changes that it has brought out due to the occurrence of the event . From gathering these factors and elements , the report regarding a specific event and issue will be complete including the overall nature physical nature of the scenario and its intricate conceptual characteristics . Through this approach , the product will become a reliable and irrefutable report regarding the chosen event or issue

Regarding the ideology and principle of the person involved towards the reporting procedure , several perceptions are significant for the development of the effectivity and significance of the result . Including in these important principles are the objectivity of the reporting accuracy towards fact-finding and reporting , and detailed illustrations As a reporter , the approach towards the issue or event must be as a symbolical representation of the public or his or her target readers . As which , the report must be objective or has not been influenced by personal emotion or opinion to achieve fairness in the report . The report presentation on the other hand , is important to become accurate and precise towards the information and the details of the report Factual elements answering the basic investigatory question (WH-questions ) must be answered precisely and reported responsibly Through this principles , the report material will have its due credibility , reliability and veracity making it a written summary and descriptive illustration of the facts and reality . Finally , in writing a report , the presentation and illustration of...

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