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Implementation of grading system (hay method) : process, mistakes and outcomes

Hay Method - Implementation of grading system

The factors such as skills , responsibility , discipline and accountability are mainly responsible for the evaluation of a job holder in any kind of organization but still a well defined technique or methodology is needed at all times to get this fully fit and transparent system to work in a hassle free manner . Again , in the same context there are methods that are necessary for evaluation of job like ranking classification , factor comparison and points method . Out of these , the most commonly used method for the purpose

of job evaluation is the Hay Method . This method is being used up in more than 8000 organizations around the world


The most successful trait of this method is its ability to develop the job evaluation strategy by following its core methodology , which is developed after analyzing the research programs made on thousands of jobs in the market in various categories by the members of hay group These members include Human Resource Managers (HR Managers ) along with the representatives of all the recognized trade unions and the various persons of line management

All these members are given a formal training ensuring that they play pivotal roles as a job evaluator panel member . After this , small sessions are conducted by Hay Management Consultant group which is supported by members of the Pay Grading Steering Group , with all the jobholders and their respective line managers to ensure that a consistent , accurate and up-to-date Job is developed for each job

The Hay Method is prominently used in public as well as private sectors and easily defines the job size within an organization at different levels which makes it useful in switching over of job holder from one field to another within the same organization . One of the most important factor which makes it more or less an ideal method , is that , this method is not for the evaluation of a person /persons but only for the evaluation of the nature of job

The issues upon which the Hay Method lays the stress are distributed upon the basis of substantial physical data i .e . on the work performed by the job holder and then aggregating all the points to have the final promotion or demotion in the job . If a person is doing 200 points job and his colleague is doing a 400 points job then , to simply state , the person having a job of 400 points is at higher level than a person at 200 points

Moreover , the Hay method also possesses a grading technique for organization . This grading technique helps to achieve the following :-

The environment of attention at setting the goals within the organization

Selecting the optimum path

Gathering the required infrastructure and space

Utilizing every resource fruitfully

Achieving the goal in right time and in the right manner

In short , for obtaining a robust growth in the market , progress is what every organization needs at all levels . The question now arises is that how to...

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