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Paper Topic:

The Impact of staff Training on productivity

The Project Proposal Title

The impact of staff training to productivity Background

In a very competitive business environment , what separates one organization from the rest is the productivity of its workers . An organization always seeks to drive employee productivity and many strategies have been utilized for the said purpose . These strategies have ranged from selection and recruitment , compensation and reward systems and to training and education of employees (Black Lynch 2001 . All of these strategies have the potential to drive productivity but some organizations are constrained by the resources available to

br them at the moment , thus some have to settle for adopting strategies like training and development which needs fewer resources than a revamp of compensation grades (Noe , 2005 . Training and development of employees have been found to be an effective method of increasing productivity as learning occurs in training and this learning is transferred to the actual job responsibilities of the worker (Baldwin Johnson , 1995 . There have been a number of researches in this area but since training is specific to a certain job or field , the effectiveness of one approach in a different organization may not be as effective in another organization . For an organization that has implemented training and development sessions for its employees , it has not been able to actually measure how effective it is to drive productivity . Thus , this research project is undertaken to test whether or not employee training results to increased productivity Research questions and objectives

This research study seeks to determine the impact of staff training in ABC Company to work productivity . Specifically , this study would like to answer the following questions

What are the perceptions of the employees towards training sessions in terms of improving productivity

How does the organization determine the need for staff training

Is there any significant improvement in staff productivity after the training session

How does the organization measure productivity Method

This study will use a quasi-experimental design wherein the productivity of employees will be measured before and after the staff training sessions . This method was chosen because it enables the researcher to quantify productivity and identify the impact of training to productivity . On the other hand , this study will also be a case study in the sense that it will focus only on ABC Company as the research environment Timescale

January - identification

February - Project Proposal

March - Preparation and writing of introduction and review of related literature and the operationalization of the variables and the research design

April - Data gathering and analysis

May - Drafting of research and submitting it for critiquing Resources

This study needs financial support to carry out the data gathering and logistics of the project , it also needs the academic expertise of the researcher 's mentors and peers in the refining of the research questions and process . This study also needs the support of the ABC company and its employees to carry out the research agenda References

Baldwin , J Johnson , J (1995 . Human Capital Development and Innovation : The Case of

Training in...

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