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the Impact of single parent and child development

RUNNING HEAD : Single Parent Child Development

The Impact of Single Parent and Child Development


The controversy of single parenting is one of the major issues occurring in our modern society . As divorce and broken marriage increases , the product is the production of single parents in every community . Such situation does not only affect the couples , but most of all , the impact of the situation affect the children . Single parenting has proven vast influence and affliction in the development of a child wherein at early stage the ideal family figure is

shattered . Theoretical principles of parenting and models depicting the duties of ideal parenting are the essential concepts necessary in to explain the most probable impact of such phenomena to the children

The Impact of Single Parent and Child Development


Problem its Background

The effects of single parenting on child development have caused tremendous alteration in the normal physical , emotional , social and sexual development . Such scenario of single parenthood greatly impairs the ideal image of family instilled in the intrinsic concept of the child and family . Single-parent families are increasingly common wherein it comprises 25 of all children under pre-adolescent groups Single-parent families include never-married mothers , some of whom choose to parent alone , and parents who are divorced , some of whom share the custody of their children . Single parents face special challenges encountered during the course of family building , especially on the ideal perspective . Most importantly , most of these single parents tend to have far few economic resources and a much lower standard of living Unfortunately , most of the situational effects are received by the children hence , they are the ones that suffer most in the absence of the other parent

Divorced parents and their children find the first year to be very painful , but research suggests that children who have a supportive understanding , and affectionate parent tend to do well . Although the separated parent often is uninvolved with their siblings , many of these children remain emotionally connected to both parents , even when contact with the non-custodial parent is limited (Rudolph , 2003


Dyad parenting plays an important role in the molding of the person 's identity and social concept . Each sex in parenthood contributes to the development of their children by either negative or positive reinforcements . In the case of single parent , the absence of the other parent greatly impairs the normal and ideal cycle of child development Single-parent families usually conjure negative psychological emotional , and identity needs among children especially if this situation occurs in the period of pre-adolescent

Scope Limitation

In this research , the primary subject to be discussed is the effects of single parenting in the child development . The research criteria shall involve the utilization of theoretical frameworks in aid of proving the latest and most detailed explanation of the said sing-panting impacts among children . Moreover , the study shall focus on the specific age group of 12 years old , which is primarily in the stage of pre-adolescent . The research shall utilize integrative analysis...

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