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Impact the railways had on Britain

Impact the railways had on Britain

Railways in Britain proved an important stimulus for economic development . Reducing the cost of transportation , they helped increase the circulation of goods and therefore raised production volumes helping create more jobs . It was cheaper to transport goods by rail than by roads since more goods could be transported in larger batches . Since goods were now sold cheaper , they could be sold to more people , and people 's life standard improved as a result of increased consumption

Railways had profound impact on many areas of people 's

lives . By facilitating the circulation of newss , they helped more people to get in contact with the latest news . Before their introduction , each area set its own time individually , adjusting it to the time when the sun reached the area . As a result of more intense contact between different parts of the country , different areas could no longer use their individual time standards , so they had to switch to the universal Greenwich Mean Time . This further unified the country and provided a better way of communication since everyone from now on was on the same time

People 's diets were improved as a result of railway construction . Speedy transportation enabled country population to sell fresh milk and other agricultural produce in cities , also making fish and chips one of the regular meals on the working-class table . Interestingly , railways also had influence on the formation of the national language . Bringing people from different areas in contact with each other , railways smoothed out difference in accents and vocabulary as people from different areas began to interact more with each other . Railways therefore dramatically reshaped the way business was done and had influence on cultural and social life in the nation


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