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The Impact of Small Arms Missue in Central America & Gangs of Central America

The Impact of Small Arms Misuse in Central America : Conflicts and the Gangs of Central America

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The profound effect of the widespread accessibility of small arms on all forms of violence is well known . Research shows that the availability of small arms is among the major factors that contribute to the global human security deficiency (Garcia , 2006 . The increased availability of small arms is a major factor contributing to the intensification of conflicts and hindering re-building of affected nations in the aftermath of

wars and conflicts . There are about 500 million military small arms in the world . These arms are responsible for the killings of 300 ,000 people , worldwide , every year besides causing most of the civilian casualties in modern conflicts . Small arms include weapons like handguns , pistols , mortars , sub-machine guns , grenades and light missiles . Small arms increase civilian suffering in the affected areas hinders assistance for victims in conflict zones , increases the deadly effects and the length of conflicts , and impedes reconciliation and reconstruction of the affected regions (Shah , 2006 . This paper looks into the impact of the misuse of small arms in Central America , by looking at the impact they have on the conflicts and the gangs of Central America

The preference for small arms over other weapons is influenced by 3 factors : accessibility , variety and the social norms concerning their use . In Central America , small arms are excessively available , with a wide range of both civilian and military weapons to choose from...

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