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The Impact of Executive Coaching on Employee Engagement and Retention

[The Impact of Executive Coaching on Employee Engagement and Retention]

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The Impact of Executive Coaching on Employee Engagement and Retention

Introduction : The `Impact of Executive Coaching on Employee Engagement and Retention ' which is under discussion is too vast and in-depth to study and talk about . However we will not go beyond the scope of this and will cover some highlighted points and concepts related to our study . Before we move toward core literature of the lets understand the term `Employee Engagement


term employee engagement can be defined in a number of ways . The most simplest definition refers to the concept that : Employee Engagement is a buoyant and constructive connection of employee with his /her work . Or the employees who are committed and engaged to their work are always ready to move beyond the limits of given assignment and try to explore every corner of the task in to accomplish the goal fully and meet the business requirements . The engagement of employee s with their firm has a lot of benefits and positive affects for the firm itself and the managers as well . The summarize affects and benefits can be the engagement or commitment of employees with their firm creates a better environment and increase productivity , it minimizes absenteeism in the firm , and last but not the least the feedback from clients is brilliant . Enhancing the area of discussion we will see the inside of the term by discussing the types of commitments , focal points of commitment , its output and so on Engagement is a way through which the commitment and sincerity of employees towards their work and the firm can be measured . Lets begin with two major types of commitments

Rational Commitment : The kind of commitment which the employees do by their own will , keeping in eye the benefits , co-operation , support environment and all such things related to their job and professional life is called rational commitment or commitment based on decision (Employee Engagement Survey , 2004

Emotional commitment : The sort of commitment consists of the feelings of employee , attachment with the co-workers , enjoying the work , suitability of nature of job , relationship with the manager and any other such values is termed as emotional commitment (Employee Engagement Survey 2004

We took a look at two types of commitment now we will see what are the four highlighted areas of commitment

Daily Performance

The overall team

Mangers and Bosses


The affects or output , which resulted from this engagement and commitment with the work and organization , is most probably the high level of performance (if the affects are good ) and gnawing away (if the affects are bad (Employee Engagement Survey , 2004

How Do We Build Commitment (Employee Engagement Survey , 2004

The other part of the under discussion is related to the term `Retention . A retention strategy is designed such a way that it helps the firm to identify the weak corners by highlighting the elements causing lower...

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