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Illustration Essay

Part-Time Job , Full-Time Life Experience

At some point in life , most individuals will find themselves entering the workforce , whether it is embarking on a long-term career journey , or holding a part-time job simply to make some extra pocket money . These days , it is not uncommon for younger members of society to seek employment in fact , this is an important step that students , at both the secondary and post-secondary levels , should consider taking . A part-time job allows students to acquire valuable skills , the most important being responsibility , time management and cooperation . By

entering the world of part-time employment , young people do not only gain invaluable experience but the skills needed in to excel in both school and life

Regardless of the nature of work , one lesson a student is guaranteed to learn on the job is responsibility . At work , individuals must answer to a boss , whether a manager , supervisor or president of a company , and this boss expects his /her employees to behave in a responsible manner This includes arriving to work on time , completing all duties to the best of one 's ability , following s , making decisions , along with a multitude of other tasks needed to thrive in the work environment While some might find the burden of responsibility daunting , this is a useful skill to develop . By learning to take on this responsibility students can then extend the knowledge to other areas in their lives For example , they may be more likely to pay closer attention to assignment...

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