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Identify the groups that did not share in the general prosperity of Americans during the 1950s. Explain why each of these groups missed out on the `good times`


American History : General prosperity of Americans during the 1950s




American History : General prosperity of Americans during the 1950s

During the post WW2 era , Americans experienced prosperity and affluence This was observed by the increase in consumer need for electronics motor cars and houses causing a boom in the sale of these merchandises During this era there was a general atmosphere of affluence which changed peoples ' lifestyles . The affluence and prosperity came with men holding or aspiring to hold jobs in big

corporations and dressing in Flannel suits . The mandate of such men was to hold onto their corporate jobs and support their families

However despite this period of prosperity in the American history in the 1950 's , there are those groups which did not share in it . One of these groups is the black Americans . At around this period when Americans were experiencing prosperity , the Blacks were busy fighting for their rights through the civil rights movement . The Blacks were fighting against unequal liberties as compared to their white counterparts which formed among other reasons the basis for the formation of the civil rights movement (Brinkley , 1999 . The law at that time favored the white man over the black man . There was widespread segregation in the use of public facilities and schools . The above among other reasons there made it very difficult for the African Americans to share in the general prosperity experienced in the 1950 's

Another group that did not...

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