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Paper Topic:

Identify and describe what organizational requirements must be in place to set the stage for successful work teams and describe any of these as to whether they are not present in your current work setting (my current work setting is education).






Work teams in Organization


The principle aim and set goals of any organization is competency in production of goods and services to meet the consumer standard . The set target should be met with the use of the available resources at the disposal of the organization . The supply of resources poses some limitations towards the achievement of the goals . However human resource is the only production resource that can be manipulated for the purpose of flexibility and action against the other rigid

resources to expand the capacity of an organization

The human resource therefore qualifies to be the most important valuable and yet the most expensive to compensate . Therefore skillful and appropriate use of the human resource is a major contributing factor to the success of an organization

Organizational requirements for successful Team Works

For an organization to set the stage for a successful work teams , the organizational policies should have high pro projects . Projects are organized in phases , which are interrelated . The success of one phase depends to a greatest degree on the success of the previous phase . Each phase has its own key processes that require specialized skills and experiences of available work force . Each phase of the project requires a teamwork with functional responsibilities all geared towards the success of the entire project for the benefit of the organization . The requirement of teamwork in this perspective is to minimize the managerial burden since the teamwork is in collaboration with an overall objective . In such a situation , the organizational formal management would be expensive and teamwork renders the role as unwarranted (Putz 2002

The different phases of the project facilitate for the development of individual particular expertise and a wide range of production areas shares the benefits of individual skill sand experiences . The players in the teamwork should be subjected to the advantage of work at a position where the level of skills and expertise best warrant for action with comfort and ease (Katzenbach Smith , 1993

The products and services of different organization are unique . It usually costs the organization , in terms of time and money , to build up the unique product and service . To prevail in the market , the exact replica of the organizations production output should persist . For the success of this , teamwork becomes further important . Quality standards should be maintained unless in a case where the organization aims at product development and /or improvement . A team of qualified personnel should handle each level of production chain (Kotter 1996 Fisher 1999

Another requirement for a successful work teams is the availability of an established human capital investment . The degree of competency and discipline will depend upon the success in remuneration of the work team and the fulfillment of the requirement for training if need arises . The fact that technology is advancing should not be ignored and it is the duty of the organization to cope with the changes through internships and regular training . Training should be accompanied by evaluation of the...

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