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Your Ideal Job

My Ideal Job

When I was a child , I had a dream job . It wasn 't the typical type of job that most of my friends had like police officers , teachers , and nurses . I wanted to be a lawyer in fact , I would have to say that it is my ideal job

Researching , arguing , and helping people all day long are things that I love to do . I know that being a lawyer is hard work , but I 'm not afraid of hard work . I would most look forward to arguing my case

in front of a judge and jury . I would prefer to have my own office , but having a partner or two could prove to be beneficial if I have questions or problems arise where I could use a second opinion

Being a lawyer would require me to work with my head mostly , but there is a lot of writing involved as well , so I would need to be educated very well in language . The earnings potential is great as a lawyer in private practice . I could earn six figures a year , but starting out , I may only make 30 to 40 thousand working for the county to get some experience . I would have to work long hours doing research and preparing for cases and court , but I would be able to restrict my office hours in some cases . I would supervise a minimal staff of a receptionist and paralegal . The qualities that I posses that would help me to succeed as a lawyer are a highly developed sense of right from wrong and a quest for justice

I can read and write very well , and I can present a plausible argument I work well with others and am empathetic , but not always sympathetic These traits will help me do well as a lawyer . This is my ideal job


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