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IT - HCI - Benefit of communities

Benefit of Communities

Technology has gifted humans with the options of computer mediated communication (CMC ) such as the telephone , mobile phones , email , and instant messaging . Today , however , far from being mere options , CMC has become the norm for reaching others . Mobile phones have made people more available while the internet and its socializing sites have allowed for people to bond and share over common interests and values . CMC has also become an essential tool in the growth and globalization of international businesses

The business industry regards CMC , the internet in particular

, as essential in providing products and services to clients who are becoming more and more globally distributed . CMC has become vital for important business activities such information sharing , client relationship management , research , and communication . However , the businesses growing reliance and utilization of the modern CMC and its instruments put CMC under scrutiny . CMC may be helpful , but it is also represents a significant cost on accounting sheets . Therefore , organizations are interested in its impact on workers ' performance and overall company performance

CMC is a worthy investment as it brings the community of workers together and facilitates knowledge sharing and information dissemination . It also allows multinational companies to tap and connect people of compatible expertise , regardless of geographical location . CMC made collaborative communities possible within typically competitive businesses . Awareness of others ' strengths leads to workers improved operational efficiency , resulting in fast-moving and cost efficient business operations

Further , constructive internet use can enhance workers ' productivity and wellness . Individuals value the opportunity...

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