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Table of contents

1 .0 Introduction

1 .1 Statement of the problem

1 .2Literature Review

2 .0 Significance of the study

2 .1 . Limitations of the study

3 .0 Scope of the study

3 .1 .History of entrepreneurship

3 .2 . Entrepreneurship environment in the US

3 .3 . Problems and challenges

3 .4 Entrepreneurship across different states

3 .5 . Solutions to the problems

4 .0 Methodology

5 .0 Conclusion

6 .0 Appendix

6 .1 Appendix A


.2 Appendix B

1 .0 Introduction

1 .1 Statement of the problem

There has been a general concern in the public about the government commitment to provide an enabling environment as well as incentives for entrepreneurs to continue thriving in trade . The role of these in any given economy is central to the success or failure of the economy

Literature Review

While some sectors of the economy continue to benefit from continued support in terms of funds allocations , entrepreneurs are left behind and very few legislations or efforts have been redirected towards that area (Gifafer , 2001 . For a very long time entrepreneurs in the US have continued to operate under tough conditions something which has led to closure of businesses as well as relocation of many to foreign countries where conditions are deemed favourable (Wenseder Adams 2003 . This research will seek to investigate the contribution of entrepreneurs in the economy with an aim of using the research findings to solve the above-mentioned problems . Available literature points to he fact that the problem facing the entrepreneurship sector in the US is self inflicted and can be undone

2 .0 Significance of the study

The study is timely especially in the advent of stiff competition from economic blocs such as Asia and European union . In the advent of the challenges , the results of the investigation into the problem will provide crucial information and data to decision and policy makers who will in turn use the results to come up with new policies which will regenerate the entrepreneurship spirit in the US . The study is also significant to entrepreneurs who may use the data gathered in a fact-finding mission so as to strategize for market penetration once the suggestions and recommendations of this study are implemented by the government

2 .1 . Limitations of the study

The study will be limited in that it shall draw a lot from existing data much of which may not be reliable . It also expected that lack of previous research in the field might also pose challenges to the researcher

3 .0 Scope of the study

The study shall restrict itself to the factors surrounding the growth and sustainability of entrepreneurship in The US . The study shall restrict itself to the specific states in the US with a possibility of generalising the findings to other states of the US . The study shall target a medium sized enterprise for that is an area , which has not been well researched , and therefore any study focused specifically to that category would...

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