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ICT in the Early years

ICT in the Early Years


The development of individuals can greatly be attributed to the early years . The formative and early years of life can then be considered as the most critical stage in terms of learning and absorption of the different influences in the environment . Thus , the early years in a child 's development are included in the period wherein the child can absorb different skills (Merrell , 1999 . It is important for the young generation to learn the use of the technology because it will be widely used in

the future generation . Teaching the student especially during the early stage of development can make the different due to the great capacity for absorbing the lessons taught during the young age (Brooker , 2003 . Aside from using ICT as an effective teaching tool the students will be able to adapt to the society that will largely utilize ICT in the near future

Based on the observed application of the ICT the society , it can be perceived to occupy a very important role in the future society . The application of the ICT is established in different fields and disciplines . These include the industries and manufacturing establishments . In the field of education , ICT is perceived to be beneficial specifically in ways of teaching children . The effectiveness of the use of the technology is important to establish a certain point of view for future application in the standardized educational system especially in teaching the young children

Objectives of the Study

To able to focus on the effects of the application of ICT in early years of development of an individual , the main objective of the proposed study is based on the learning process in the early years This is to be able to determine the influence and effectiveness of ICT in achieving learning in the crucial years in the development of the children . The objectives of the study will be undertaken through the study of the research conducted by different groups and organizations that are aimed to develop the techniques and test the feasibility of the technology . The information from the published data will be assimilated and become the basis of the study

Literature Review

Based on the preliminary study undertaken on the field of ICT , it can be considered as a young field . This can be related to minimal study that focused on the issues of child learning during the early years Other applications can be considered extensive but in the field of child learning and teaching process , the idea of applying ICT can be considered as a new one . The research and related concepts either identify with or contradict the advantages of the systems are presently in the initial stage of study and testing . Certain studies prior to the research exploration present both the advantages and negative effects of the establishments of such interrelated application for the development of the new field

One of the references considered important is the published work of Leask in 2000 which focus on the teaching...

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