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Client Case Study

May 10 , 2008


My patient is a Native American dealing with alcoholism . My patience alcoholism started years ago and now is trying to confront his addiction . There many studies in which hypnotherapy has been found to treat alcoholism , and other addictions . When dealing with my patient 's alcoholism , I feel hypnotherapy is proven itself time and time again over the thousands of years of history of its use . Hypnotherapy has been used in the past to serve as an effective means in treating negative

behavior patterns (Britannica Encyclopedia , 2008 . Hypnotism has been described by many as a type of sedation , without the use of drugs Hypnotherapy , is claimed by some , to supposedly speak to your subconscious mind , a part of us all that lays dormant , under our conscious selves . Many hypnotherapists believe that by speaking to the subconscious mind , you are able to change negative behavior patterns , or bring forth events that may have been suppressed from the past . Many patients , under a deep trance , claim hypnotherapy is able to speak to the unconscious mind providing insight and understanding in areas which the conscious mind couldn 't possibly understand . Alcoholism has many faces , and has taken many lives throughout history . Although alcoholism is dangerous , it is still legal . Alcoholics can the more alcohol than those who do not drink alcohol often in to feel the effects (Encarta Encyclopedia , 2008 . Furthermore , there has been studies conducted in which alcoholism is shown to be genetically linked Alcoholism is treated in a variety of ways , some treated there alcoholism cold turkey , others use alternative approaches . Hypnotherapy has been proven to help with smoking addiction , which is probably one of the most powerful addictions in the world . When treating my client , the theoretical approach I have chosen is the psychoanalytic approach . When dealing with my patient , in to understand what is driving his subconscious mind , exercises such as inducing free associations are necessary . Free association is an exercise in which the therapist ask 's their patient to tell them whatever comes to their mind , based on the responses of the client you can get a good understanding of what 's going on , unconsciously (Encarta Encyclopedia , 2008 . Furthermore another intervention method I would use , would be dream analysis . The psychiatrist , Sigmund Freud , believed in the power of dream and the unconscious mind . When using hypnotherapy , the therapist is directly speaking to the unconscious mind . It is up to the therapist that to determine the unconscious conflicts causing the patient 's distress Sigmund Freud , a Pioneer in understanding his subconscious mind believed that we as human beings repress memories from the past , which later manifest themselves to negative unconscious behavior patterns Concerning addiction , Dr . Carol Denicker has effectively used hypnotherapy for over 20 years and has had many success stories . Dr Carol has operated a successful therapy practice for many years , and specializes in helping those who are struggling with alcohol , and cigarette addictions (Reinholz , 2005 . Kathy NewBerg , a...

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