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Human rights of North Korea


Human Rights Violations in North Korea Human Rights Violations in North Korea

Human Rights Violations in North Korea

The greatest and most profound revolution of the last half of this century has been the expectation and realization of universal human rights . The revolution has been radical and swift and a genuine people 's revolution . The present situation of human rights in North Korea is depicted in the international media with full zeal and zest . The media has presented not only different manifestations of these human rights violation but also had

produced various points of views on the issues Some of these depictions are based on the facts and figures while some others are mere subjective accounts of the issue . Four different articles on the same issues are analyzed and their evaluations show that most illustrations of the issue are bound by certain partialities and biases . Their only motives are to instiogate the reader and get their sympathies by hook or by crook This article Putting a spotlight on torture ' presents the atrocities of present Korean regimes and the pathos and miseries of the masses in the form of subjective accounts of the sufferers that enhance the intensity . It does not present the stories in mechanical form narrating he event and facts rather bluntly but it attaches personal feelings that captivates the readers . The writer manipulates the Los Angeles musical performances shows of North Korean drama in his favor and highlights the human rights violation in North Korea . Although article is comprised of different direct experiences of the North Korean present at the performances but writer tries to match these with his and international media assumption about the present regime of Kim Jong Il The major emphasis of the article is on facts pertaining to North Korean concentration camps . It further accentuate the plight of the people for example it says , The fictional story is loosely based on the experience of the show 's dance director , Kim Yung Soon , 68 , who was imprisoned nine years in the Yoduk camp , where her husband , son , father and brother perished . At the end of the performance , she appears on stage to tell the audience that what 's happening "is all real " at Yoduk where starving prisoners toil in coal mines and farms and are shot if caught trying to escape ' Here the writer does not narrate the event and motives that lead to the imprisonment of dance director and death of his family members The purpose of ignorance of some parts of the revealed story is due to the fact that writer only wants to entangle the attention of the reader to the atrocities and violation of various human rights . Valerie Reitman further aggravates the feeling of the reader when he depicts another story of violence afflicted on a simple folk due to a meager cause . He says Jung still grimaces as he recalls the three months when he was beaten and tortured with sharpened bamboo sheathes under his fingernails . His crime : listening...

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