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Human Sex Trafficking







Close to 800 ,000 people globally are forcefully moved across their countries ' bs and sold off to be exploited for various purposes Most of these are teenage boys and girls including small children as young as 7 . Human sex trafficking has been recognized as one of the major catastrophes facing mankind and a great threat to the freedoms of millions worldwide . Though immense steps have been taken by the international community , it is yet to be put to rest p

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has defined human trafficking as including the forceful transportation and harboring of individuals by use of threat or financial payments with an intention of exploiting such individuals . Exploitation in this sense includes at a minimum , the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation (Cited in Sheldon , 2007 , 107 . Human sex trafficking includes the forceful initiation of people into prostitution or sex slavery . Children are forcefully recruited into prostitution or driven into early marriages

Human sex trafficking is believed to be a multibillion industry although its expansiveness cannot be fully grasped due to the lack of a clear methodology . Though the reigning perception is that it is a trade that mostly affects the developing countries only , this is untrue . According to the existing accounts , almost each and every country has its own elaborate but intricate system of human sex trafficking . Influx , most of the times , is from the poor countries in...

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