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Human Service Worker Strengths & Weaknesses

Human Service Worker Strengths Weaknesses


To attain the objective , human service workers has to apply the skill should be creative in problem solving , flexible and emotionally strong It is not an easy job . The job calls for approaching the issues in unique manner . Hence it is imperative for human service workers to be aware of their strengths and weakness . They should be inclined for experiential learning from the incidents throughout their career . They have to collaborate efficiently with all the agencies involved and overcome from their weakness as quickly as

possible with respect to their attitudes , values , skills and knowledge

Table of Contents

Page no 1 : Title Page

Page no 2 : Abstract

Page no 3 : Table of contents

Page no 4 : Introduction

Page no 5 : Attitudes and Values

Page no 6 : Skills

Page no 7 : Knowledge

Page no 8 : Conclusion

Page no 9 : References


A human service worker plays different roles as a mediator , caregiver teacher , and counselor . The objective of a human service worker is to help people in need and educate them towards self sustainability Actually this phrase is easily said than done . At all the time a social worker is a medium to get things done . During this process the human service worker 's caliber is measured by how they get things done through people

The human service work is not like a manufacturing job , where there is a set of predefined process available , so that if the input is correct then the output is assured as perfect by default . And it is not like dealing in an office setup where you deal with people in predefined atmosphere . The human service worker some times needs to work with people who cannot even define their needs

Hence to attain the objective through people in all walks of life requires qualities and skills . Most of the work calls for experiential learning and integrate the knowledge and skill to demonstrate competency . They work with people of different social and cultural background , different life situations in different age groups . The people are alike in many ways as well as different in many ways . Since the human approach differs each and every time , the techniques used to attain the goal may not work even with the same persons the next day or the next time

It is imperative that to be a successful human service worker a person should analyze his own attitudes , values , skills , knowledge in the field and horn it

No human service worker will be master in all of these attributes . Hence it is important to have a self judgment in these attributes and find the weak points one has and horn the abilities to become a successful human service worker

Attitudes / Values

My personal strengths : I proudly proclaim that some the following attitudes and values accomplished by me helped in attaining the goal . A human service worker should always see the problem in the perspective of those who are in need . This will help to define...

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