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Human Rights Poverty and rights to health care

Human Rights : Poverty and the Right to Healthcare

The United States has one of the best healthcare systems in the world Despite this fact , many citizens and residents of the U .S . are suffering needlessly because they are unable to receive healthcare These people are unable to receive healthcare because they live in poverty and cannot afford the cost of medical treatment

I believe that healthcare is a basic human right . Everyone who needs medical assistance should receive it . Does anyone choose to be poor Should people , especially children , be left to

die because they lack money ? We take care of animals better than we take care of human beings . As a nation , the United States should have the level of compassion for human life that does not tolerate allowing anyone to be denied medical treatment because he or she is poor . We must take a stand and fight to preserve human rights . Not only is everyone entitled to medical care in times of emergency , but everyone should also be able to receive preventive care as well

If health insurance is the problem , we need to fix the system . We know that health insurance is too expensive . Even some middle-class families cannot afford insurance . Healthcare costs are extremely high for uninsured families . One accident or unexpected health crisis can financially devastate a family (Extreme Poverty and Human Rights : A Primer , 2007 ,

.15 . Why not have national health plans like Canada and Korea ? Surely , our wealth as a country equals to or exceeds theirs . I simply can 't understand why the Unites States cannot afford to provide healthcare for its people . Presently , the United States is the only industrialized country without some form of universal healthcare for its citizens . More than 42 million Americans lack healthcare insurance , and most of them are working adults (Healthcare , 2005 . Do we respect and value the lives , health and safety of our citizens ? Don 't we believe in justice for all ? Why don 't we take care of the poor ? There is enough money and medicine in this country to take care of those living in poverty . Why aren 't we caring for them ? Our leaders are often speaking out about their Christian values . I ask America wouldn 't Christ give medicine to the poor

Affordable healthcare should be available for everyone . We have been dealing with the healthcare crisis too long in this country . I know that the United States is in a position to make healthcare available for us all . We need healthcare . We deserve healthcare . It is our human right


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