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Human Adaptation

Running Head : Human Adaptation






Human Adaptation

It is clearly seen that agriculture is playing an important role in shaping the human culture . Since the discovery of agriculture , the culture of man has become dynamic with response to the discovery of new agricultural techniques and methods . The human life style today has changed much as compared to those old days . Advent of agriculture has actually influenced so many aspects of human life which on return has changed the culture of man . The most

aspects of life that the discovery and practice of agriculture has influenced are the social , political and economic aspects . The three aspects have a direct link to human culture as the culture itself entails the material and non material things

Those moments when the agriculture was not complex man lived a very simple life . For example , the nomadic pastoralist lived in small groups where they could wander in the grazing land miles of distance with their cattle . They had no permanent homes as their life was only to look after cattle . As the time went on , so many communities discovered the importance of keeping animals and for that reason their demand of the land to graze their animals increased . This has resulted to restriction of the nomadic pastoralists ' movement forcing them to construct permanent homes where they can take a close care to their animals (Azar 2006 , pp . 180

Due to biodiversity in the human environment , agricultural practices have affected the human culture...

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