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Howard Shultz - Leadership of Starbucks Coffee







This discusses the leadership qualities of Howard Schultz , CEO of Starbucks Coffee , Inc . Leadership traits cited by some influential people , like John Gardner , and some organizations in their studies , were used to demonstrate the leadership qualities of Howard Schultz . This study proves that a lot of inherent characteristics of a good leader like Intelligence and action-oriented judgment , eagerness to accept responsibility , task competence , understanding of followers and their

needs , skill in dealing with people , need for achievement , capacity to motivate people , courage and resolution , trustworthiness , decisiveness self-confidence , assertiveness and adaptability or flexibility are all present in Howard Schultz . He is in one way seen by his staff , and is proven in this report , that he is one employer and leader with a big heart and great understanding

What is leadership ? There are particular people that others will definitely listen to and eventually follow , for whatever reason that may be . Perhaps they have a good sense of humor and people like their style or perhaps they have what it takes to be listened

When you look at organizing events it 's somebody who 's got what is called as `leadership qualities , they are people who are willing to instruct other people on what to do and still have the respect of other people as well , or sooner or later gain that respect through actions That is leadership

Frequently we confuse leadership with authority . To explore this we can turn to Heifetz 's (1994 ) important discussion of the matter . Authority is often seen as the possession of powers based on formal role . In organizations , for example , we tend to focus on the manager or officer They are seen as people who have the right to direct us . We obey them because we see their exercise of power as legitimate . It may also be that we fear the consequences of not following their s or `requests . The possibility of them sacking , demoting or disadvantaging us may well secure our compliance . We may also follow them because they show leadership . As we have seen , the latter is generally something more informal - the ability to make sense of , and act in , situations that are out of the ordinary . In this way , leaders don 't simply influence they have to show that crises or unexpected events and experiences do not faze them . Leaders may have formal authority , but they rely in large part on informal authority . This flows from their personal qualities and actions . They may be trusted , respected for their expertise , or followed because of their ability to persuade

It seems to be one of those qualities that you know when you see it , but is difficult to describe . There are almost as many definitions as there are observers . Many associate leadership with one person leading . Four things stand out in this respect . First , to lead involves influencing others . Second , where there are leaders there are...

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