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How is the American Declaration of Independence a product of the European Enlightenment?






American Declaration of Independence a product of the European Enlightenment

The United States Declaration of Independence adopted in 1776 by the congress was a product of the European enlightenment as it drew it 's philosophical basis from European era of reason . This declaration focusing on individual rights and as well as the right to revolt borrows deeply the Europe philosophers recommendations having studied in details institutions of governance and incorporation of scientific knowledge to aid mankind . England being one of the most

enlightened country by then , was the colonizer of the American thereby influencing the political leaders focus in America at that time (Jefferson et al 21-23 . Therefore , American revolution protest against the England authority provided the blue print in the reorganization for democratic society that was later to be emulated by many in the world

Donald et al (51-52 ) argues that , the foundations of the enlightenment were laid back in 17th and 16 th centuries as European expanded it 's territories to Asia , Africa , America colonization as well as the advancement of the scientific revolution . Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson formed the main anchors in the establishment of the the Great revolution in America and establishment of the declaration by drafting the initial draft and leading the later amendments

Declaration preparation

Liam (331 ) points out that , as Jefferson prepared the declaration strongly envied great personalities in Europe that gave him the inspiration . Francis Bacon who was referred by Jefferson as the modern science father...

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