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Paper Topic:

How do the media portray youth crime and/or the youth justice system in Canada? What are the consequences of the portrayals








This research study looks into public misconception on the extent and nature of the increased rate of youth crime and the youth justice system , and the way such misconception respond to youthful offending Various misconceptions have been identified concerning youth crimes in Canada . It has been shown that , the public is made to believe that there is a drastic increase on youth crime . The belief of the public has been mainly based on

the number of statics availed by the media The availed official statistics in respect to the extent and nature of youth crime , have shown that the public conception about the rapid increase on youth crime is not supported by the available official data . Reasons for such kind of discrepancy between the available official statistics and public conceptions with regard to youth crime and the youth justice system have been explored . The key role of the media in the shaping of public attitude has been addressed in this study . The negative effects which arise from public misconceptions with regard to youth crime are explored . Among the negative effects of public misconception of youth crime , is making of unnecessary changes on the legislation , public intolerance , and making of inappropriate programs for young offenders

The makes conclusive suggestions which are intended to bridge the gap between the official statistics and the public misconception . Among the recommendations given , it has been suggested that the media should...

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