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House on Mango street interpretive essay

RUNNING HEAD : HOUSE ON MANGO STREET The significance of the Community in the Eyes of an Artist




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Choice A : What message about the community does Cisneros convey through her novel

The characterization of Esperanza Co , a young Mexican-American girl in her early teens who lives in the Mango Street and who is also the main protagonist in the novel , and what the house symbolizes helps one to acquire the themes and messages of this particular literature Esperanza , whose name means hope

, is confronted with her American dream of owning a spacious , private and secure house like the ones she sees in Television one that she is not ashamed to own and one in which she has complete control of - and her Mango Street reality . Initially , she believes that she does not belong in such place like the Mango Street where everyone in the family sleeps in one room , where men prey on young girls and where parents mistreat their children due to poverty . In her desperation to escape such a kind of life , Esperanza promised herself to say goodbye to her impoverished Latino neighborhood . But in the course of the narrative , Esperanza 's struggles and encounters with herself as she observes the realities around her , the neighborhood boys , the married life of women and her sexual awareness , she comes into the realization that she has a greater responsibility for the people around her . As she matures as a woman , her perception of her...

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