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Hotels and Motels

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A Review of Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels have always been regarded as the home of people away from their original home . These places give their guests a taste of heaven for their extraordinary services . From all the hotels and motels that I have visited recently , three stand out the most . These include the Broadway Plaza Hotel in New York , the Clarion Riverside Hotel also in New York , and Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

The three hotels impressed

me , starting from the appearance of the building to their emblematic interiors . The Broadway Hotel in New York may look simple and ordinary from the outside , but there is an element of surprise that may be felt when entering the said building . The entrance to the said hotel is relatively smaller than the others , with no huge lobby nor huge chandeliers . Upon entering , one is welcomed by the warm smile and greetings given by the friendly staff . Although the busy streets of Manhattan do not give a certain feeling of comfort , one may still feel the cozy environment exuded by the hotel . The colors given for each room were made to exhibit the kind of comfort that may be experienced by its guests . The only thing that I do not like about this hotel is the fact that the place is too crowded . The location itself is not suitable for people to actually relax and forget about their problems

Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is one of the most exquisite hotels I have ever been to . The hotel is Moroccan in style , and this could be felt by the guests upon seeing the entrance to the hotel Camels and other desert paraphernalia may be seen everywhere . Like any other Vegas Hotel , guests are greeted by the colorful lights of the Casino . The pool area is also something to be considered . From one area of the pool , guests may be treated to an extraordinary site that may behold them . The rooms also show a different kind of ambiance that may be exhibited in the interiors . The bed is big enough to fit two or three people , and the cozy condition of the room makes it easier for the guests to relax . The designs of the sheets and the color scheme used makes the guests enjoy the Moroccan theme the room exhibits . The rush of people are everywhere , for everyone know that the Las Vegas Strip is filled with casinos . People from all races , and from different parts of the world come together and see the wonder that this hotel has in store What I do not like about this hotel is the fact that the casino is the part of the hotel that welcomes the guests . Yes , this is located in the Las Vegas Strip , but children guests should also be taken into consideration . Being exposed to the world of gambling is not something that should be proud of . Instead...

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