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Hotel Front Desk Operation

Hotel Front Office

Operation (2006


The front desk is an integral part of the hospitality industry . They are the liaison between the guests and the rest of the hotel . They are the central hub for all activity that takes place in a hotel . Although most hotels have many departments the front desk coordinates the guest 's interactions with other departments . Having a strong front desk staff is vital . Without competent employees in this sector you can lose customers , lose your image and as a result lose your business . This

investigates the duties , functions and the management of the front desk . We delve into the intricacies of customer service and enhancement of employee satisfaction

The front desk is usually responsible for the guest 's satisfaction They must check them in , check them out and appropriately handle any problems the guest 's express . Front desk service forms the guest 's first impression . When they arrive the first thing guests do is check in with the front desk to register and receive all the information they need for their stay . Fast , friendly and efficient service is a must When check in goes smoothly it reflects well on the rest of the establishment , when there are problems that sets the tone for the rest of the guests stay (Stutts , Wortman , 2006

. 66

Courtesy is another skill that the front desk staff should master . If they can remain courteous even in the face of rudeness the guests will notice and will be more likely to moderate their present behavior and will be more likely to return (Jayawardena , 2002

. 101 . Without a staff that understands the importance of their appearance and attitude the guest 's satisfaction can be diminished . People have always said that first impressions are the most important and that could not be more true in the hospitality industry . The right receptionist can bring you new business and guarantee the return of valued customers . They are the face of your business and as such need to reflect the quality of the hotel (Stutts , Wortman , 2006 ,

. 65

Front Desk Functions

The front desk staff is basically in charge of guest service and satisfaction (Stutts , Wortman , 2006 ,

. 27 . They have many responsibilities centering on that basic premise , both in customer service and office dynamics . They are required to not only have excellent communications skills , but they need to flexible , inventive and knowledgeable about their area (Stutts , Wortman , 2006 ,

.46 . They also need to have an excellent understanding of their responsibilities within the business and the extent to which they are allowed to modify rules to increase their guest 's satisfaction (Jayawardena , 2002

. 103 When your desk staff has a working knowledge of those two concepts it makes it easier form them to perform their daily functions

One of the important front desk duties is registration . While checking a guest into the hotel the front desk begins their job as coordinator They need to demonstrate efficiency , politeness and speed...

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