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“Hot” Spots in the cold war

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13 February 2008 "Hot " Spots in the Cold War


Cuban Missile Crisis




The period of the Cold War has turned into the dramatic stage of fight between the two world 's largest powers - the United States and the U .S .S .R . The Cold War remains a remarkable moment for the U .S , when the majority of the American people could check their strength and endurance . It did not matter whether the U .S . was promoting

the politics of Soviet Containment , or was involved into Cuban Missile Crisis whether the U .S . was flooded with McCarthyism ideas , or was building Levittown to restore the American dream - all those actions were later included into the set of events under the general title The Cold War "Containment of the Soviet Union became American policy in the postwar years (Stanley 11 . It is interesting to note , that while the U .S . was fighting against fascism and took the Soviet Union as its ally , all anti-communism ambitions were neutralized or simply muted . The Cold War has started immediately after the end of the WWII and raised numerous issues in the political relations between the two super-states . The idea of political containment belonged to George Kennan : in his article published in 1946 , he discussed and evaluated the sense of insecurity the U .S .S .R . traditionally experienced (Stanley 8 . As a result , the discussed insecurity sense made it possible for Kennan to suggest that "Moscow 's pressure to expand its power had to be stopped through "firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies (Stanley 18 On the one hand , the policy of Soviet Containment supported by Truman was the means to protect the U .S . territory from external military threats . On the other hand , Truman has evidently overstated the threat coming from the Soviet Union . As a result , the policy of containment has generated mass anti-communism which sometimes bed with hysteria Consequentially , the United States containment policies gave rise to the well-known McCarthyism and were also displayed in the U .S . involvement into the Cuban Missile Crisis "McCarthyism is a term describing the intense anti-communist suspicion in the United States in the period that lasted roughly from the late 1940s to the late 1950s (Stanley 24 . This term has for long been connected with the name of Senator Joseph McCarthy , but it has currently expanded its meaning to more general definition of anti-communist policies in the U .S . Joseph McCarthy has actually been the initiator of the discussed policy which later turned into the whole cultural phenomenon . In his speech on February 9 , 1950 , he announced that he had "a list of 205 - a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party (Stanley 25 McCarthy 's speech and ideas were later reflected in the invention of loyalty-security reviews , blacklists , and even arrests . As a result of mass anti-communist campaigns , twelve thousand people...

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