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`The Horror Of It All`

The Essence of a Good After-Dinner Speech

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Julie Dagget 's speech captures the essence of a good after-dinner speech that Lucia defines . The nature of Dagget 's speech is basically for entertainment without having to drag weighty s along the way It seeks to create a light mood by giving emphasis to certain details such as quirky moments in the life of the speaker as a child . In fact by narrating the author 's childhood experiences about her fear

towards horror movies , notwithstanding the darkness of the night , all contribute to the task of establishing good rapport with the audience . After all there is hardly any reasonable man who never once was a child having their own kinds of fears

For one , Lucia explains that any that is good for a persuasive speech is also good for an after-dinner speech , provided that the approach is lighthearted . Dagget 's speech begins with what others may find disturbing at first . But immediately after Dagget ends the introductory part of her speech , the mood is swung from that of seeming morbidity to that of unmistakable gaiety . By the time Dagget mentions Hush , Hush , Sweet Charlotte , the audience is more than likely to discover that what she was relating is , indeed , not from personal experience but from a movie . This becomes the starting point of Dagget where she then later expounds on the subject of how people become ridiculous at times...

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