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The Hopelessness of the American Dream in the Great Gatsby

He is convinced that he is in love with Daisy but he has really just fallen in love with the image of a wealthy young woman with class . He is only able to be with her for a month and while he is at war she marries the extremely wealthy Tom Buchanan from Chicago . Her take on the American dream is that one should remain with people of his /her social class

Gatsby learns of the marriage and when he comes home he realizes that his lack of wealth is why Daisy did

not marry him . He then devises a plan to attain her . First he is not going to work hard for his wealth but he is going to get it quickly . He joins up with Myer Wolfsheim obviously an organized crime boss , and within a few years he is wealthy Gatsby is still not satisfied with the dream . He must obtain Daisy for it to become perfect . Once he is reunited with her , he should have seen the signs that she was not the person he had built her up to be in his mind and that she was not ever going to leave Tom . He refused to see reality , and focused on the illusions that he wanted to see . It was hopeless to get him to give up on his dream . Right up until his death he still looked for Daisy to come to him , even though she had made it clear to him at the Plaza Hotel that she had once loved Tom and that Gatsby wanted too much

Gatsby 's last chance to fulfill his American Dream is when he and Daisy are driving back to East Egg , where the fashionably wealthy people live When they drive through the Valley of Ashes , Myrtle runs out...

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