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Conflict And Compromises In The US Constitution

The constitution is the supreme law in the United States . It is the basis of the government . The constitution outlines the three branches of the government and defines the role and the powers that may be exercised by each branch . It also establishes the federal system of government in the United States while offering rights to the individual states . The United States constitution was written in 1787 and after being ratified , it took effect in 1788 . It has

been amended twenty seven times but it still remains as the basic law of the United States government

During the drafting of the constitution there were differences among those involved . The three main points of contention were the great compromise , the three-fifth compromise and the issue of slavery (Lamb76 . The great compromise was an agreement that was reached between the small and large states . The smaller states like New Jersey were afraid of their opinions being drowned by those of the large states . In the end delegates agreed for equal representation in the lower house based on population of a state . Each state was then allocated two seats in the senate regardless of the size . In trying to get higher representation , the southern states proposed to recognize slaves as people . The northern states which didn 't have many slaves were opposed to the move . Eventually they agreed on one slave being equal to three fifths of a white man . The north...

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