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Home and Family

p The Parents and their Children

The family is the basic unit of society . It is the first social group one immediately and involuntarily becomes a part of . The immediate family consists of the father , the mother , and the children . Ideally the father is the provider of the family . He is superior , because he holds the foundation of the family . If the father is weak , the rest of the family collapses . The mother is the light of the family . She is the guiding factor for decision-making in the house . Ideally , she makes

sure the house is in and whatever the provider gives her , she makes it work . In for the family to be happy , the children need to be emotionally and physically loved . In the poem "After Making Love We Hear Footsteps " the author described the love-making between the husband and wife , and then a baby "appears " It is notable that the parents are delighted to have the baby and was described to be this blessing love gives again into our arms " In turn , the baby is very happy to be with "loving and snuggling " parents and wants to "join The baby can feel the acceptance and great love from his parents , so in feeling loved , the author wrote "his face gleaming with satisfaction at being this very child (Galway , K . 1980

When fathers partake in taking care of the children even after a hard day 's work , it gives the children a sense of greater comfort to know both parents love them . In the poem "My Papa 's Waltz " the boy was dancing with his father

The hand that held my wrist

Was battered on one knuckle

At every step you missed

My right ear scraped a buckle (Roethke , T . 1908-1963 . 3rd stanza

In this poem , the boy doesn 't want to go to bed yet . The first and second line described the hand of the father that was calloused due to hard work . Note that the author of this poem lived during the time where most fathers work with hard machinery as factory workers , you can just imagine how tired the father must be at the end of the day . The third and fourth line described the height of the boy how young and small he was because his ear was just at the waist level of the father The father 's technique of putting him to bed was done in a positive way He danced and played with his son , even though they made a mess in the kitchen . The mother in this poem , however , was trying to control her laughter , as stated in the poem : her "countenance could not unfrown itself (Roethke , T . 1908-1963 . 2nd stanza

One is very fortunate if a family is functional . A functional family is a family where all the members are emotionally and physically sound . If a family is sound , the parents can be very protective of their children They want a good future for their children like any loving...

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