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Holocaust - The Pianist

The Pianist : The Extraordinary Story of One Man 's Survival in Warsaw 1939-1945

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The Pianist is a holocaust memoir from Wladyslaw Wladek ' Szpilman which is based on his autobiographical book narrating how he survives the Holocaust - the mass slaughter of European civilians and especially Jews by the Nazis during World War II . It shows positive human traits such as courage and friendship . Szpilman , tries withstanding danger fear , or difficulty throughout the outbreak of World War II . Moreover he amicably does what good

things he could possibly yield to the German officer in return to his goodwill

A Polish pianist , composer and a memoirist , Szpilman plays a great role as the protagonist in the story ( The Pianist : The Extraordinary Story of One Man 's Survival in Warsaw , 1939-1945 . As a well-known Polish Jewish pianist , he works in a Warsaw radio station . However , he learns that it becomes quite arduous for him to stay in the station due to the war , so he goes back home . Unfortunately , the situation goes unfavorable , as the number of Nazis ' armies occupies the Warsaw while executing its civilians . Warsaw residents escape however , he is left alone . He nearly dies of craving for food to eat . Nevertheless , a German officer discovers him in an abandoned house . He plays piano for the officer in return , he supplies him with food , which leads him to his survival

As an analysis to the entire flow of the story , courageous Szpilman never thinks of the...

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