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Hodgkins Lymphoma

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05 February 2009

Hodgkin Lymphoma


Hodgkin lymphoma is a malignant cancerous growth of cells in the lymph system . Hodgkin disease is the better known form of lymphoma (Lymphoma Info Network . Hodgkin lymphoma was first described by Thomas Hodgkin in 1832 , in his well-known work On Some Morbid Appearances of the Absorbent Glands and Spleen (National Cancer Institute . All other forms of lymphoma are usually categorized as non Hodgkin 's diseases Hodgkin lymphoma is listed among the most dangerous and the most

br difficult health conditions . Given the growing number of patients with diagnosed Hodgkin lymphoma , it will be useful to review the signs , the symptoms , incidence / prevalence , and cures which medical professionals use to treat and relieve the symptoms of Hodgkin disease

Hodgkin 's Lymphoma : statistics

Hodgkin lymphoma is listed the third among the most common forms of cancer in children . Since the 1970s , the number of patients with diagnosed lymphoma has been steadily decreasing nevertheless , more than 10 ,730 children under the age of 15 were diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in 2008 (National Cancer Institute . Adolescents and older teenagers are more commonly diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma than young children (Lymphoma Info Network . White and Hispanic children appear the most vulnerable to Hodgkin disease , with the latter being extremely rare among children with American Indian or Alaskan background . Hispanic children between 1 and 9 are more susceptible to lymphoma risks than white children of the same age simultaneously , white children from 10 to...

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