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How was Hitler able to defeat France so easily in 1940? Why was the air war against Britain a failure? Why did Hitler invade Russia? Why did the invasion fail? Could it have succeeded?

World War II 1

World War 2 : Significant events

The Defeat of France

When the Germans started their massive attack on their opponents the strength of the two combatting armies were equal in terms of troop strength and tanks , but the Germans held an advantage in aircraft superiority . But the deciding factor for the Germans was the fact the they knew what they exactly wanted to achieve . The opposing army had to improvise with their disposition towards their German counterparts because the Belgian and Dutch 's efforts to stay neutral in

the War Also , the British and French army 's leadership failure to learn from the Polish campaign , scattering their armor among the infantry , whilst the Germans amassed their armor into one , armored army

The Battle of Britain

To the Germans , silencing the threat that the British nation posed to them could only be effectively silenced and neutralized by means of an invasion on the British Isles . In August 1940 , the Germans began their daylight bombing raids targetting ports and airfields and in September against the inland cities . The German military hierarchy wanted to draw out the British fighters and destroy them . But the British used a new device , radar , which greatly increased their fighters ' effectiveness Because their losses were too high , the German military switched to night time raids at the end of September , but inflicted little damage On September 17 , 1940 , Hitler postponed the invasion indefinitely , thus conceding defeat in the Battle of Britain

World War II 2

Germany 's invasion of the Soviet Union

Even before the German invasion of the Soviet Union , Germany signed with their Soviet counterparts the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact securing the eastern b of Germany . But the pact was more of a means to secure time for the two would-be protagonists . Ideologically , the two hated each other . Another was the need , at least to the Germans , to satisfy the craving for additional land for them to live in , or additional living territory . Adolf Hitler claimed the German nation and needed space . Hitler 's Lebensraum policy (from the German words leben ' or life and sraum ' meaning space ) was directed at th USSR Hitler coveted the Soviet region of the Ukraine , making a parallel to the British occupation and colonization of the British of India . In his belief , Germans should not be denied the adequate livng places to assert their rights for living space , they should be the dominant people and everybody was below them in terms of race

The Reasons for their defeat

Ironically , the main weapon that turned the tide of battle for the Russians against the German war machine 's onslaught was not from the Red Army , as the Soviet Army is called . Rains turned the land into mud General Mud , bogging down the Germans and their equipment , and another General of the Red Army , General Winter , froze them in the mud . This meant that any item that can be used by the enemy will be destroyed , leaving the enemy with no...

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