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History time capsule essay

p Time Capsule : American Media in 2010

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July 23 , 2010

In this time capsule I will attempt to represent as clearly as possible the effects of modern media in America . Currently , as technology has become increasingly advanced the means by which we understand and interact with the world around us has changed . Just twenty years ago , no one could have predicted the effects of websites such as Twitter or Facebook in communication and self-promotion . In the same way , no one

could have suspected that printed media would see such a massive decline . Most important , in representing modern American culture 's love /hate relationship with the media , is the effectiveness of the media as not only a political but also social tool . Media has always affected American 's opinions and beliefs . However , the effect has grown and become distorted as more and more information is being made readily available for an individual to determine these ideas on their own

Each item has been listed below , with the intended meaning of each item as well as any misunderstandings they may create when discovered in 200 years

As the modern news era is quickly turning from print to online resources , the capsule should hold a copy of a major U .S . newspaper Within 200 hundred years , such periodicals will likely be extinct . There is the chance that the newspaper 's meaning may be misconstrued to have something to do with a particular headline

A print-out...

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