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History and how it has impacted American life today

History and How It Impacted American Life Today

2004 Foreword

The American Revolution opened the way for free development of the American society and American state and fulfilling the provisions of the Declaration of Independence . A state that officially claimed his main goal to be securing the rights of citizens had to be built for the first time in the history of the humankind . However , many of the elements of this state 's construction could not be foreseen and had to be established in the actual course of political life led by

responsible individuals

This paper discusses the role of the first President George Washington and of first controversial events of the early American history in establishing the American state as we know it nowadays . It is argued that the result of these controversies was creating a state formation which was truly democratic , but , at the same time , had all characteristic traits of a united , strong and self-sufficient state which is able to pursue its sovereign policy in both domestic and international affairs

General discussion

When George Washington came to office as the first elected President , he became the head of a very amorphous foundation . The position of Antifederalists , who objected to the strong central government in fear for possible future abuse of power and resorting to dictator practices was defeated during the debates over the Constitution of the United States . However , the provisions of the Constitution had to be fully put in practice . Washington 's main task consisted in creating content for the state 's structure outlined in the Constitution , i .e . he had to establish and develop the executive departments (Nettels . Doing it Washington and his co-workers established two rules that became enduring precedents : the president has the power to select and nominate executive officers and the power to remove them if they are unworthy (Nettels . The result of their work was establishing the departments constituting the body of the American government

But a government cannot function in a vacuum it needs a solid base namely , the army able to defend it from both external and internal enemies and the financial system along with the system of taxes as its basement . The Federalist program of Washington 's presidency included a large part of financial improvements , designed by his secretary of the Treasury Department Alexander Hamilton (An Outline . This program implied new duties for single states and American citizens , and its fulfilling caused the first armed resistance against the government 's policy

The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 is little remembered today but its impact had profound effects on the future of the United States (Gladnick . This rebellion , raised in response to the 25 excise on all liquor quite painfully affecting many American farmers , was a complex issue . The resistance against taxation was intertwined in it with the problem of rights and authorities of single states in front of the federal government (Gladnick . Nevertheless , the most important outcome of this event was the verification of the state 's right and...

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