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1 . The Columbian Exposition not only showed the multifaceted nature of America but also revealed America 's cultural insecurities . At that time America was aiming to have cultural parity with Europe . Near the end of the nineteenth century , they had a strong sense of instability and inferiority

2 . By 1851 Irish women were having trouble finding employment because their habits were slovenly

3 . After 300 years of isolation from the West , Japan decided to open itself up to Western technology and culture to rid itself of outmoded Japanese traditions

p 4 . By the end of the nineteenth century , London had replaced Paris as Europe 's financial center

5 . The Centennial Exposition showed that American-made machines , unlike their European counterparts , were generally bigger

6 . The National League was founded in response to the inadequacies of management-controlled baseball . By 1875 , there is a lack of authority in supervising baseball activities especially in scheduling , membership and the dominance of a single team

7 . The Irish domestic servants change the employer-employee relationship because unions were introduced to the employment relationship

8 . The yatoi were Western missionaries hired by Japan to help the country in its modernization during the Meiji Era

9 . The goal of the Columbian Exposition was to place greater emphasis on technological achievements of America at the time . They emphasized the change in their way of life , particularly the change from agricultural to a modern country

10 . The American contribution to the Crystal Palace Exposition was criticized because it lacked significant artistic work

11 . Abner Doubleday was considered to be the "father " of American baseball because he was the first to be documented as the inventor of the baseball game

12 . The principal complaint against the construction of the Eiffel Tower was that it was too tall 13 . McGregor Laird helped Nigeria in to open up European trade in Africa . He was a part of an expedition sent to Niger regions with the purpose of commercial development . Only a small group managed to return home . Laird devoted himself in to improve trade with West Africa . His main motives were to cease slave trades and improving the social state in the region

14 . Aside from its size , the Corliss steam engine was remarkable because it operated quietly and it is the one who powered the Exposition while the operator have nothing to worry about while reading his news

15 . The Diet of Japan refers to the bicameral government , particularly in Japan 's legislature . The diet of Japan consists of the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors . The Diet 's major responsibilities are passing laws and the selection of the Prime minister

16 . Team sports were appealing in nineteenth-century America because they provided an outlet for competitive working men

17 . The steamboat was important to the exploration of Africa because it could navigate against the current of Africa 's rivers

18 . The mass emigration from Ireland to America in the nineteenth century was accounted for the scarcity of food in the...

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