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History of Soccer in Spain

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History of Soccer in Spain

History is quite complicated for many especially the history of a great game like soccer . This game has a very interesting history . Almost all the nations have played it in the past . The Chinese were the originators of soccer , and they started it sometime between 300 and 400 B .D . There players had to shoot a feather filled ball into a net and this game was called Ts 'uh Kuh ' In 600 A .D , the Japanese

started playing a game similar to soccer . The Romans and the Greeks used soccer as a tool to hone their warriors ' skills . South Americans and Central Americans played a game similar to football (Tlatchi

Many nations and tribes all around the world have contributed to the development of soccer but the Britons introduced modern soccer as people play it these days . Soccer became popular in the 1800s and within a short period , it spread like an epidemic all over the globe . Nowadays people all around the world linger to see the FIFA World Cup as this world cup provides to its viewers entertainment , thrill , excitement and an opportunity to see their favourite players

Spanish Soccer

Soccer (Futbol in Spanish ) is much more than a game for the Spaniards . They say that soccer is like a religion in Spain . It would be perhaps more accurate to say that religion is like soccer in Spain , such is the devotion expressed by the Spanish to their beloved sport . While once upon a time the essential Sunday activity was going to the church in the morning , now it is watching the Sunday night fixtures

Spaniards passionately follow soccer results weeks after weeks . Streets and stops in Spain get empty whenever an important partido de Futbol (soccer match ) is going on . Actually , soccer is the Deporte Rey (King of Sports ) in Spain , a low cost therapy to counter the problems of every day life ?25 million (F17 .01 million ) a year . Brazilian star Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima started playing for the Brazilian senior national team when he was seventeen . Now , at the age of 30 , he is the second most expensive soccer player in the Spanish League with an annual income of ?19 .6 million , which is not surprising if one considers his dribbling and finishing skills . Zinedine Zidane , who scored two goals for his French national team when France won the 1998 world cup final , earns ?13 million par annum

Spanish soccer comprises of different seasons . Each season includes four professional leagues . At the end of each season , team ratings change . Some get promotion whereas others get demotion . The professional season runs from mid September to mid May . During a season these leagues take part in over 100 professional games played across the country on each weekend . Twenty teams join in to form Liga A , also called `La Liga ' in other European countries . In every season , each team plays with all the other...

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