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The History of the Globalization of General Motors-General Motors Globalization

The History of the Globalization of General Motors

Table of Contents

Abstract II

Introduction III

General Motors and Globalization IV

General Motors as a Company IV

The Operation of General Motors V

Evidence of Globalization in the Automobile Industry VIII

Conclusion X

References XI


The study was conducted to be able to gather information regarding the history of globalization in one of the largest automobile company in the United States . The General Motors is one of the automobile companies in the US that is involved

in the international trade and market . The success of the company can be attributed to the globalization that had undertaken

The research was conducted by determining the operation of the GM at a general perspective . This includes the products distributed and the coverage of the operation in different regions of the world such as the North and South America , Asia-Pacific , Europe and the Africa and Middle East

Based on the results of the study , General Motors has successfully achieved its market stability through globalization . In a company with the capability such as General Motors , the disadvantages coupled with globalization can be solved through management techniques


Globalization is the main trend in the international market . In the automobile industry , the growth had already initiated and maintained to target the world market . This is the main essence of globalization , to be able to gain the access to global arena to be able to acquire growth and development . The process of globalization takes on different industries

The automobile industry is one of the most significant commerce due to the role that it holds in the field of transportation . The trend of globalization has also influenced the transportation , specifically the automobile industry . The automobile industry continued to play an important part both in the transportation and the commercial aspect since the 20th century when it has brought about unprecedented changes in the society . The transformation brought about by the technology related to transportation had shaped the world covers almost every aspect such as economic , social and physical facets of the society . The industry is mainly involved in the rise of the automobiles and other forms of transportation that uses gasoline (MSN Encarta , 2006

In the United States , there are different companies that control the automobile industry . One of the major players in the industry is the General Motors . The main objective of the research that was conducted is to present the history of the development of the company and the onset of the expansion towards the global arena . Along with the objectives of the study is the determination of the main objectives of the company in relation to the trend of globalization

The research was conducted in line with the process of implementation undertaken in relation to the participation of the General Motors in the international markets . This is either through competition or expansion of the products and labels to other countries . The main references involve the discussion on the company itself , the reasons that necessitates globalization...

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