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History of the Criminal Justice System


History of Criminal Justice





Date Abstract

Justice is a vague concept in the current society . Scholars have delved into the study and some have concluded that justice is the wish of the mighty in society . Some perceive justice as the strict adherence tie the established legal provisions in society . The concept has also been related at close range with fairness , which is about according someone what is rightfully his , without prejudice or biasness of any kind However

, there are small differences between these two concepts . Justice mainly deals with the provisions of the law , while fairness deals with reasoned consideration of issues . Something may be just but not fair and this is one of the considerations of the study of criminal justice Criminal justice is concerned with how to deal with crime and criminals and the legislations that go with it . It is the whole system of justice in application in a national or sub-national government

History of Criminal Justice

There cannot be a society without proper code of conduct and operation for the maintenance of . Criminal justice is the whole system and organization of society with the intent of having a habitable stable society where there is moderation and toleration . In a state of nature presented by Thomas Hobbes (Lloyd 1992 , life in the society without a government was short , brute , and was characterized by a war of all against all (Strauss , L . 1936 . It was a life where everybody was for himself and God served the interests of all . It was out of this kind of life that people came together and engaged themselves in a social contract , where the members of society were to hand over their freedom to a sovereign who would impose in the society . This sovereign authority was to wield much power that would allow him to take stern measures against defaulters . This is a theory propounded by Thomas Hobbes

The current system of social justice is based on the different laws that are in application in different societies . Before the invention of the concept of nation-state , traditional societies had their own informal ways of instilling justice and fairness in society . There were no formal legal procedures like there are nowadays , but morality was considered a cardinal principal . There was usually a council that was concerned with disciplinary matters and whoever could be caught on the wrong footing with the moral standards of society could face suspension or even expulsion from the society . The western civilization came up with formal rules of in a criminal justice system . The system may be said to be the practices and structured organizations utilized by the national and sub national governments to enforce social control Tendency to crime are suppressed , and law defaulters are punished on the basis of set laws (Enotes 2008

The legal system comprises of a network of institutions , from the police , to the courts of laws to the prisons . In a civilized...

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