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US History Chapter 13


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Texas , 1823 to 1845

In 1821 , Mexico freed itself from Spanish rule and the new Mexican government began to encourage Americans to settle in Texas so that the increased population can help fortify the bs . In 1823 , an American named Stephen Fuller Austin was given a large grant of fertile Texas land an brought with him 200 families to live and farm there as was promised to his father . Large tracts of land were given to other American settlers for token payments to

Mexico and a pledge to convert to Roman Catholicism and become Mexican citizens . In 1826 , one of the land agents who had brought American settlers who did not like Mexican customs and the limited opportunities tried to set up an independent republic . The Fredonian Republic , as it was called did not last long since even the American assisted in quelling it . However , this made the Mexicans angry and concerned . In 1830 , they passed a law forbidding more Americans to come to Texas . The law was hard to enforce , however , and the Americans kept on coming . By 1830 , there were about 15 ,000 white Americans and 1 ,000 slaves . There were only about 5 ,000 Tejano inhabitants

Texas had good land for growing cotton so slaves were brought there and plantations were begun even if Mexico had outlawed slavery in 1830 . The Texans resented that the slaves can be taken away from them whenever the Mexicans decide to enforce their anti-slavery law . While the Texans did free their slaves , they had them sign life indenture contracts

In October 1835 , there was armed conflict between the Mexicans and the soon to become Texas forces headed by Sam Houston , former governor of Tennessee and army officer . Mexican dictator and general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna , with 6 ,000 men , began a siege of 188 Texans holed up at the Alamo in the fortified mission in San Antonio . The Mexicans finally broke through the Alamo 's defense and killed all the men , even the wounded . To the Southeast , at Goliad , the Americans were also captured and killed . The Texans rallied their forces and on April 21 , 1836 , as Santa Anna and his men were taking siesta , the Americans attacked under the battle cry , Remember the Alamo ! Remember Goliad ' Te Texan army defeated the Mexicans and captured Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto . The war was over and the Mexicans signed a treaty promising to recognize Texan independence (which they later took back as having been obtained under duress

The Texans immediately ratified their constitution , applied for statehood or be recognized as an independent republic . Their hold was precarious as they feared that Mexico might try to recapture their land The South naturally wanted Texas admitted as a slave state and for this same reason , the North opposed it . Meanwhile , the republic which adopted a flag with a single star (the lone star ) got partial recognition from the European countries . Its annexation continued to...

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